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Related Websites

A related website is an individual web page or a cluster of web pages that act as a separate entity for DOER or the Dredging Operations Technical Support Program (DOTS). The sites are commonly on their own domain and are used to support USACE water resources and civil works missions.

USACE Navigation Portal

USACE Navigation Portal

The Navigation Data Integration Framework is an effort to establish a detailed methodology to link data and tools across the Navigation Business line and make them easily available to our stakeholders.


BSAF - Biota Sediment Accumulation Factor Database

Collection of field- and laboratory- generated BSAF numbers used to help evaluate bioassay results.


BUDM - Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material

The site demonstrates potential beneficial uses of dredged material by presenting existing case studies as examples.


CCS - Center for Contaminated Sediments

Center for Contaminated Sediments serves as a clearinghouse for technology and expertise concerned with contaminated sediments.


E2D2 - Environmental Effects & Dredging and Disposal Database

Reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, and publications are available from world-wide sources.


ERED - Environmental Residue-Effects Database

Contains residue-effects information on many environmental contaminants of potential concerns.


EWN - Engineering with Nature

The alignment of natural and engineering processes to efficiently and sustainably deliver economic, environmental, and social benefits through collaborative processes.


ODMDS - Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site Database

Contains ocean disposal data from dredging projects since 1976 in response to the London Convention requirements.


TLP - Thin Layer Placement of Dredged Material

Case studies, modeling tools, references, sediment data, and other resources that may be useful in the context of thin layer placement projects.

Last updated on 4/21/2023.