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DOER Research: Acoustic Camera Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

This project investigates the use of a 3D acoustic camera to acquire two-dimensional velocity vector fields from PIV analysis. An experiment was performed to quantify the two-dimensional velocity field of a simple laboratory flow using PIV with both 3D acoustic camera images and standard optical camera images, along with ADV transect measurements, to determine whether the acoustic camera PIV results are accurate. The success of this project will lead to an entirely new technique to measure flow velocities in turbid environments in the field, one that yields substantially more information than the technologies currently available (i.e., two-dimensional velocity vector fields) and allows velocity gradient based hydrodynamic signals to be directly estimated.

POC: Dr. David Young (David.L.Young@erdc.dren.mil) and Dr. Brian McFall (Brian.C.McFall@erdc.dren.mil)

Project Fact Sheet

Pushing PIV Limits in the Field


The animations presented here are general schematics of dredgeheads in operation under water. They are provided for educational use or for use in presentations, etc.

Clamshell Dredge Head

Cutter Dredge Head (front view)

Cutter Dredge Head (side view)


Trailing Suction Draghead

Video Gallery

The videos presented here show various aspects of a dredge operation. They are provided for educational use or for use in presentations, etc.

Trailing Suction Dragarm

Hopper Filling

USACE Dredge Wheeler

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